A multi-faceted ministry that desires to offer hope and assistance to the “modern day orphans” in our society. These orphans could include but are not limited to troubled youth and their families, unborn children, pregnant teens, foster children, and adoptive children. They exist to provide hope where there was none and to help those struggling to succeed in life. Their desire is to cast a vision of hope for every situation, so that no “modern day orphan” would walk the road of life alone.. 
Every Saturday morning from 8:00-9:00AM we partner with local churches to serve a hot breakfast to the homeless  at the corner of 20th and Winnie. Over 200 people receive food, prayer and an encouraging message from the Lord.
Volunteers are needed to serve weekly. 
Derek & Xiomara Price Derekjprice@comcast.net
(His Immeasurably More Ministry)
Our mission is two-fold: to provide financial assistance and planning to working families and individuals for a short set period of time to aid with their financial burden, enabling them to stand on their own two feet; assist people under duress.
Derek Price or Xiomara

281- 723-7925

A cooperative ministry of united churches that is focused on compassion ministry, church planting, and evangelism here in the United States. They believe that the local church is God’s plan to reach the nations and are dedicated to seeing the church multiply in every way. 
The IMB exists to partner with churches to empower limitless missionary teams who are making disciples and multiplying churches among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God.
With the help of partners, CBN is building family and community wells that provide clean, reliable water in needy regions of Africa and Asia. Our staff work with local leaders to identify needs and coordinate each project. In most places, bore wells and protected hand-dug wells are most effective and can meet the needs of several hundred villagers