Aidan & Liam Ballew (oldest 2 sons of Lowell & Shay Ballew) along with good friend Taylor Martin, are all young adults who came up through the youth ministry of Lifepoint Church.  These three guys are all worship leaders and supported by Lifepoint Church as full-time missionaries with Circuit Riders based out of Huntington Beach California.  These guys are a part of a larger group of about 250 student missionaries who’s primary focus is to share the radical love of Jesus with their young generation by going on mission every fall to college and high school campuses across the nation to share a simple gospel message and personal testimony of the transforming love and power of God.  In the Spring of 2017 CR personally witnessed about 2000 decisions for Jesus in their Carry The Love national outreach campaign.  Circuit Riders has a bold faith to believe they are part of the next great awakening in the USA that will start with the younger generation who are confused from religion and the many pressures that plague their youth and are just looking for a simple message of love, hope, and lasting peace that will transform hearts and minds.  Please pray for these 3 young men as well as their entire team as they prepare to share the love of Jesus with their generation this year.  And if you want to partner with them in giving a one-time gift or monthly financial support then click on each of the boys funding sites below.
Aidan Ballew giving site: 
Taylor Martin giving site: